Saturday, June 25, 2011


A hypopyon is a pus collection within the anterior chamber of the eye.

Patients will present with pain, irritation, itchiness of affected eye. Some may have decreased visual acuity or photophobia. This patient did not have decreased visual acuity or photophobia other than the limited visual field besides the pain and irritation.

It is not a disease per se, but a presentation of diseases. It can develop due to trauma secondary to the spread of other infections such as keratitis. Common bacterial origins include staphylococci or steptococci, fungi or viruses. Non-infectious origins can occur too, such as non-infectious uveitis secondary to auto-immune syndromes such as Behcet's disease, Reiter's syndrome as well as some malignancies.


Health and Nutrition Forums said...

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more information about hypopyon

Tabibbatunhawa said...

haha, just learned bout it just now in class!

So, it is presentation of diseases not a disease... will read more bout that.

online chemists uk said...

Very useful information. Never knew that "It can develop due to trauma secondary to the spread of other infections such as keratitis."

John Janson said...

Wow, I had no idea something like this can develop because of trauma. That is scary to think that an form of a disease begin from trauma alone. Thanks for the info.

Alex said...

Thx for this info. Im used it on

P Cheng said...

Impressive picture. Trauma is less common cause of hypopyon. This is an inflammatory collection in the anterior chamber of the eye usually from intraocular infection and iritis (which has many causes)... but is a late complication and needs urgent opthalmic consult!


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