Thursday, August 27, 2009

Supracondylar fracture


This 8-year old girl who was allegedly fell down from bicycle at about 1 pm on the day of admission, complained of pain, swelling and deformity. No external wound seen.
She sustained a closed left supracondylar fracture with no neurological deficit and good radial pulse volume on the affected side.


chang85 said...

thanks for sharing this case. i'm 5th yr undergrad, choo. May i ask in such a case, we can only just stabilize the fracture and control bleeding if got any?
what other things we can do in emergency department before refer to orthopaedics?
thanks for teaching us in this 2 weeks.
i usually got collect alot of ebooks to be my mini library in my computer...
most of my resources are from and
hope can help dr...

cksheng74 said...

Dear Choo,
Thanks for your comments.

The initial management for supracondylar # in our A&E is not much different from management of other types of # - splint it, minimize pain, check for neurovascular injuries, etc. The ortho will usually do the reduction because they know best how the alignment should be, and when should ORIF be considered. FYI, this patient had a K-wiring.

For further queries, you can email me directly. Thanks.

Dr. Chew


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