Monday, October 09, 2017

Doctor-Patient Communication

The slide deck of a short sharing I gave to a group of first year medical students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). It is indeed a good move to talk about doctor-patient communication early in their medical studies, to expose them to the intricacies, the skill and the art of communicating with patients, including how to break bad news.

Doctor-Patient Communication Skill from Chew Keng Sheng

The best resource on doctor-patient communication that I have found is Skills for Communicating with Patients by Jonathan Silverman, Suzanne Kurtz and Juliet Draper (Amazon link). This text is the first entirely evidence-based textbook on medical interviewing, describing the core skills which represent the foundation for doctor-patient communication

I have found a number of sample chapters that can (still) be downloaded free (these 2 chapters, Chapter 2 and 3, are already informative enough to give us a good grasp on this subject matter):
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

A chapter from its companion volume, Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine, can be downloaded here:
Chapter 1

Google book also provides a good sampling of the book and the full e-book version can be purchased at the cost of about RM150. Click here for the google book preview version.

And download an article by one of the co-authors of the book (Suzanne Kurtz) here.

Watch a lecture on the art of communication in medicine by Dr. Jonathan Silverman here:

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