Sunday, November 14, 2010

Resource Review: WikiRadiography

WikiRadiography has many good articles, videos, tutorials, etc on radiographs and X-ray films.
This site is primarily meant for radiographers and sonographers as shown in their philosophy statement:

This site was designed to foster education, learning, development and advanced practice specifically for radiographers and sonographers. Alot of time and effort has been spent creating a site that is professional in both appearance and functionality to represent the profession in the best possible light.

Nevertheless, I think this is still a great resource not just for radiographers, but for clinicians including emergency physicians!

Click here to access.
Take a look at their article on Small Bowel Obstruction and Large Bowel Obstruction.


Unknown said...

Looks interesting, will take a good look especially since I really like using the Wiki technique in medicine. is my all time favorite, an ECG site writting by cardiologists - you can throw your textbooks now!

Anonymous said...

Dr.Chew..Thanx for nice info sharing and the link..



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