Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patchy Consolidation, often Bilateral, was the Most Common Chest X-ray Finding Associated with A(H1N1) Infection?

In a recent study done on 66 out of 222 patients with A(H1N1) from May to July 2009 at a hospital in Michigan, who also had chest radiography findings done as part of the clinical work-up, it was found that the

  • initial radiograph was abnormal in 28 of the 66 patients (42%)
  • with patchy consolidation in 14 out of these 28 (50%)
  • ground-glass opacities in 7 out of 28 (25%), and
  • ground-glass opacities mixed with consolidation in 7 (25%)
  • the abnormalities were bilateral in 20 of the 28 patients (71%)
  • located in the lower lung zones in 20 (71%), and
  • diffuse in 7 (25%).

In short, these results suggest that H1N1-associated chest x-ray abnormalities tend to be dependent (i.e., in the lower lungs) and patchy consolidation, often bilateral, was the most common finding chest X-ray finding. Nevertheless, much of its mechanism remain unknown pending further larger studies.

Click here to download the full text of the article in full (pdf format)


Adi said...

Bro, good bolgspot...well done

StorytellERdoc said...

Hey there

I just am checking out blogs, since I started mine yesterday. Nice job.

I just want to mention that some of the H1N1 pneumonia patients I have seen had confirmed by sputum a secondary bacterial infiltrate to complicate the picture.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In the report of my father's chest X-ray...
"Pachy consoliddation lung mid lower zone" is written...
my question is...
is this harmful??
have any life risk from this??
kindly tell me...
I'm in tension..
anybody help me pls.... :(


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